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Filing for bankruptcy can immediately stop
home foreclosure and debt collectors!

Stop Foreclosure in GA

Stop Home Foreclosure As your bankruptcy attorney in Georgia, we can leverage bankruptcy laws to stop home foreclosure, repossesion of personal property, and stop collections lawsuits. If you have been advised, or suspect that, you are in default on your mortgage it is critical that you call us immediately. There are specific bankruptcy laws that apply to home foreclosures that can help you to keep your home. When you hire us as your bankruptcy attorney we can take immediate steps to stop the foreclosure proceedings, and keep you in your home.

Foreclosure Laws in Georgia

In Georgia, foreclosure laws allow a lender to foreclose on mortgages or deeds of trust that are in default. The lender may use either a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure process. Filing for bankruptcy provides immediate protection for the home owner against foreclosure efforts. We invite you to call for a FREE CONSULTATION to learn more about how to stop a home foreclosure in Georgia.

What We Can Do For You

  • Protect Your Immediate Financial Situation through the &qAutomatic Stay" provision which stops creditors and collectors from contacting you or taking legal action against you.

  • Stop Foreclosure and Repossessions so that you can stay in your home and keep your vehicle.

  • Answer Your Questions or address your concerns about the bankruptcy process. We can certainly calm your fears over unfounded fears and myths about bankruptcy.

  • Guide and Represent You every step of the way – from your preparing your case and initial bankruptcy filing, to Trustee meetings and final discharge of your debts. We are a total solutions provider for person needing to file Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

  • IRS Debt Relief is possible for some types of IRS debts.

Stop Car Repossessions and Collections Efforts

Stop Car Repossession If you are overwhelmed with calls from bill collectors, and worried about repossession of your car, truck, boat, motorcycle or other personal property we can help you. Filing for bankruptcy forces bill collectors to stop calling and harrassing you. Filing for consumer bankruptcy can also stop lenders from repossessing your car or truck. If you wait too long, and your vehicle is repossessed, filing bankruptcy will not entitle you to reclaim your vehicle. You need to act now to stop collectors, and stop car repossession efforts.

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