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Bankruptcy is a complicated process,
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Bankruptcy Information Resources

This page offers bankruptcy information, including links to third party websites, that can further educate you on the bankruptcy process. The information made available here addresses common concerns such as how to file for bankruptcy, types of consumer bankruptcy chapters, advantages & disadvantages, bankruptcy forms and more. The bankruptcy process can be a complicated process however we can make it very easy for you.

As your bankruptcy attorney we can counsel you on the best options for your situation. We can prepare all required documentation and legal papers, file your paperwork and track every step of the process. We will keep you informed of the status of your case, let you know what is required of you, and be with you when you go to the bankruptcy hearings.

When many people finally admit that they need to file bankruptcy in Georgia, they consider filing bankruptcy by themselves and not hire a bankruptcy attorney. This usually results in a legal mess for the self-represented individual. The cost to hire our bankruptcy law firm to handle your bankruptcy is probably far less money than you think. The peace of mind is priceless. If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy in Georgia please read further.

How To File Bankruptcy in Georgia

As your bankruptcy attorney we will walk you through the process, explain every facet of what to do and what to expect. With our guidance, the process flows smoothly and quietly. A summary of the key steps in the consumer bankruptcy process are:

  • Contact our office to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your bankruptcy options.
  • Pass a Bankruptcy Means Test to confirm that you qualify to file bankruptcy.
  • Provide a detailed, itemized list of your debts including creditors, balances, account numbers, etc.
  • Attend a preliminary hearing to review your case. (This is not a trial or anything similar.)
  • Complete an approved consumer credit course.
  • Keep us advised of all correspondence, including mail notices, that you receive from the court.
  • Attend a final court date to finalize your bankruptcy, and leave court with a fresh outlook on life!

We suggest visiting the sites listed below, via the links provided, to learn more about filing bankruptcy in Georgia. We believe that as you learn about the complexities of filing and managing a bankruptcy you will quickly realize that filing bankruptcy is not something that you want to do by yourself. If you are struggling with a dire financial situation you will find an incredible feeling of relief when you turn your worries over to us. We are here to help you resolve your financial woes by filing and managing your consumer bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Information Resources

After Your Bankruptcy

After your bankruptcy is final, most people are very interested in rebuilding their credit score. Beware! You will almost certainly be approached by seemingly sincere, yet unscrupulous, companies promising to help you reapir your credit. Not only are these companies not acting in your best interest, but most of these companies actually do further damage. You can rebuild your credit however there are no "quick fixes". It takes time, so be patient.

For now, we can help you through this difficult journey and help you get a fresh financial start. We have helped hundreds of people just like you and we can help you as well. Give us a call today to learn more about our consumer bankruptcy services.

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